AT&T, Verizon Start Preorders for Google’s Pixel Fold, but Devices Won’t Ship Until July 18

Google’s Pixel Fold is nearing its release, but there may be a bit of a delay. After being announced at Google I/O in May, Google’s first foldable is just now getting some release updates, this time from AT&T and Verizon. 

On Tuesday, AT&T announced that it will begin its own preorders for the Pixel Fold and introduced a deal that offered new and existing AT&T users the Pixel Fold for $25 per month without needing to trade in a device. To get that discount you will need to be on an unlimited plan and commit to a 36-month installment plan. 

All told, the carrier is willing to cover $900, or half of the Pixel Fold’s regular $1,799 starting price for the 256GB model (not including taxes). Oddly, purchasing the 256GB model outright from the carrier is $1,880, or $81more than the unlocked version you could buy directly from Google. 


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Verizon previously said it would begin accepting preorders for the foldable on June 20, and said the device would go on sale on June 27. Verizon is still taking preorders, starting on Tuesday, but it now says that “wide availability” won’t be until July 18. 

Verizon’s deals are also not as aggressive as AT&T’s. Switchers can get up to $1,100 off the Pixel Fold while existing customers can get up to $900 off. Both options require a trade-in of “select” devices and need you to be on the carrier’s newest Unlimited Plus plan.

The longer-than-expected wait for Google’s first foldable is a bit of a surprise. Although Google did not announce an exact release date for the device during its launch, early preorders displayed a June 27 ship date. Recent shipping estimates on Google’s storehave the foldable not shipping until early to mid-August depending on color and storage option.

T-Mobile has yet to release its preorder or sale date but has said it will offer the device. The carrier did not immediately respond to a request for comment when contacted by CNET. 

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